Partnerships for Children, through our programs, continues to make an impact on the lives of abused and neglected children in the community.

The Erika Herndon Scholarship is given out each year to a youth in the foster care system to help them achieve their dream of attending college. One of our first recipients, Justin, used his scholarship to attend A&M where he graduated with an engineering degree. Last month, he applied and was chosen for a job with Exxon, beating out over 100 other applicants. Congratulations to Robert; your hard work and dedication is truly inspiring.

“One of the families requested gifts for had 5 children ages 3-11.  When I arrived with the gifts, the 11 year old was beyond thrilled to hear that there were gifts for him as well.  He told me “Since I am the oldest, I have to sometimes let my younger brothers and sisters get the gifts.  Are you sure some of those are for me?”  I pulled out his gifts and showed him the ones with his name on it.  He smiled from ear to ear.”

-CPS Caseworker

“Another family was given gifts for 7 kids total in the house.  The aunt had recently agreed to be a placement for her sister’s 3 kids and she had no idea how she was going to afford gifts for 3 extra kids.  When I explained to her that our wish lists would take care of that, she burst out in tears and thanked me at least 12 times.”

-CPS Caseworker

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Mckenzie was brought into the Rainbow Room with only the diaper she had on. Her caseworker and foster mother were able to get Mckenzie cleaned up, get her some clothes and diapers, and best of all Mckenzie left the room with a smile on her face holding her new stuffed teddy bear.

Everyday the Rainbow Room provides resources to abused and neglected children that come into the care of CPS.

Chris, our hard working YES Intern has been busy re-stocking the Partnerships for Children Rainbow Room, managing inventory and working with our community volunteer’s. Chris has been able to rise above his past and is determined to work through any challenges he may face. He plans to attend ACC in the Spring to pursue a Mechanical Engineering certificate and hope to have a career in the construction field.