Board of Directors

Heather Valdez, Board Chair

Community Volunteer

I joined the Executive Committee in the fall of 2013 with a singular focus on improving the lives of children, along with providing my board colleagues a mindset of structure and process which I gained in my more than a decade of volunteer work in our community. Through this volunteer work I had many opportunities to interact with Partnerships for Children and their important missions. I became hooked!

Misty Bray, Past Board Chair

Community Volunteer

When we moved to Austin 6 years ago, a friend invited me to a Partnerships for Children Gala committee meeting.  I was moved by the work this organization does to protect children that can’t protect themselves.  I became a committed PFC volunteer that day.

Benita Trevino, Board Treasurer

Senior Manager of IT Customer Service, Actian Software (formerly Pervasive Software)

I find the mission of the organization so appealing, the work that Partnerships does is not PR-ready or glamorous, but it is so vital to the children and CPS workers. Additionally, I respected and trusted the founder Erika Herndon and the original members of the board to build something I would want to be involved.

Amy Brandes, Board Secretary

Manager of Perinatal & NICU Nutrition ,Seton Healthcare Family and 
Licensed foster parent

Once I heard what Partnerships for Children was doing from my friend and founder, Erika Herndon, I knew I wanted to be involved.  Partnerships for Children is a sweet community of people committed to making the lives of foster kids better.  Every aspect of Partnerships for Children is about the kids–from connecting them to forever families, to teaching them life skills, to meeting their basic needs through the Rainbow Room.

Janis Carter

Consultant, Winstead PC

All children deserve to have happy childhood memories and to feel safe.  I was drawn to Partnerships for Children because of the way the organization helps the state caseworkers to provide a few extra things to make a foster child’s life just a little better and maybe provide them with a good memory; all in the background and with no fanfare.  It is gratifying, heart-warming and many times emotional to be a part of something that makes a difference everyday one child at a time.

Jennifer Dipasquale

Interior Designer, Owner Revival Design Studio

I got involved with PFC 5 years ago through helping with the Gala committee. My husband and I support PFC because of the direct impact we can have, both financially and through volunteering, in helping youth in our community under the care of Child Protective Services.

Jennifer Donaldson

Community Volunteer

My children have been fortunate enough to grow up in a stable home/community full of love.  I want to be able to make that a reality for other children in our community. They, too, need to feel loved, supported and cared for.

Lindsey Goss

Owner of Retreat Nail Bar and Community Volunteer

I became involved with Partnerships for Children after being so moved by the foster family who was recognized at the 2009 gala.

Dana Fisher

Global Operations Strategy Group, National Instruments

I first become involved with Partnerships for Children as part of the Gala committee three years ago.  Once I learned about the organization, it’s mission, and more about children in care, I became involved with the YES mentorship program as a Mentor and recently joined the board.

Arin Gray

Small business owner with a focus on public outreach and education

I learned of Partnerships for Children through friends that were involved on the Board and with the annual Gala. I was instantly amazed by the good work PFC does and wanted to be involved. Having small children, I recognize how important this work is in bettering the lives of other children.

Chad Meley

Vice President of Product Marketing, Fortune 500 technology company

I got involved in Partnerships for Children after being inspired by the impact the charity is having in our community, having attended several of the charity events and getting the know the quality individuals and the passion of the volunteers, caseworkers, and employees.

Andrea Sheridan

Senior Education Advisor, Speaker’s Office of the House of Representatives

My introduction to PFC came when a friend asked if I wanted to buy a Christmas present for a child in the foster care system.  I loved the fact that this organization’s focus was not only helping these children, but supporting their caseworkers.  These men and women have such a daunting and difficult job, and I am proud that we are able to make their work a little easier.

Holly Priestner

Community Networking Driver, Keller Williams

I attended a Partnerships for Children event a few years ago and the mission tugged at my heartstrings. I am blessed with an amazing family and truly live by, From Those To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected. I knew that by being a part of this organization, I could help children who need the support the most, when their families cannot. I was elated when my mentor joined the Partnerships for Children leadership team and I received my opportunity to help others through this powerful group.